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Museums in Salem

There are many fun things to do in Salem, especially if enjoy visiting museums. With so much local history, Salem museums can offer guests with interesting exhibits, interactive tours and experiences unique to the Massachusetts area. This includes the New England Pirate museum, which brings the adventures of Captains Kidd and Blackbeard back to life, and the Witch History Museum, which tells the story of the 1692 Salem witch trials through a historically accurate live presentation and tour.

Pirate museum

At the pirate museum, guests can learn about the lives of New England's adventurous sea-robbers who roamed the waters off Boston's North Shore. The live walking tour includes an up-close look at authentic pirate treasures, a dockside village, and an opportunity to board their ship and witness them in battle. It’s a fun, educational experience you won’t forget!

Witch history museum

Salem is widely known as the home to so-called witches, who were forced to go on trial during the witch hysteria that enveloped the area in the late 1600s. In addition to all the museum offers, guests eager to see history in person can take self-guided tours through Salem’s most notorious witch-related sites.

Wax museum

The wax museum, celebrating its 25th year, features fun seasonal attractions. Some of the top highlights include Frankenstein's Castle, voted Salem's best haunted house, ghostly walking tours, a graveyard tour, and live spellcastings by real practicing witches.

The house of the seven gables

Built in 1668, The Gables has stood at the foot of Salem Harbor for 350 years. Visitors from all over the world have visited to learn about the architectural legacy of the Turner and Ingersoll families, American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, and the mansion’s history.

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